About Us

Trexonic offers modern audio and entertainment technology, vintage audio solutions and portable multimedia entertainment. We believe that having just the right song playing the background while you camp with your closest friends and family, or enjoy a picnic at the beach can really add a special touch! Our portable party speakers offer powerful and dynamic sound while being easy to relocate and set up to ensure you can rock your crowd, and spend less time on the details. For those of us who appreciate a finer sound and tend to seek the vintage feel of vinyl, Trexonic offers a line of turntables complete with cassette players and CD recorders. We hope to add entertainment to your favorite moments!

Portable Televisions
Portable DVD Players
Charging Stations

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Email: info@trexonic.com
Website: www.trexonic.com

26308 Spirit Ct
Santa Clarita, CA 91350
United States